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Conquering Fear through Guided Meditation

17 Jun

Conquering Fear through Guided Meditation

Fear is something we all deal with in our day-to-day life. We are afraid of circumstances that make us uncomfortable because pain reminds us of our painful past. It holds each of us to the ground, making us doubt ourselves. This feeling of worry about things that we are not in control of can be very taunting and can keep us in a depressed state. It robs us of our happiness and pleasure of doing the simple things that we enjoy. We look defeated and powerless, and more often than not, start making irrational decisions that may have everlasting consequences. It makes us feel like we are in a limbo between the present, the past, and the future.

Take a case of when you want to get into a new relationship, apply for your dream job, or even going for an interview for that job you have been really hoping to get. The thought of these situations keeps each one of us with worry. Our deepest fear is performing below expectations. What if I fail or end up doing as bad as I did the last time? What if this is not meant for me? All these are questions that linger into each one of us and the fact that we are trying to analyze a future event which we have no control of and wasting our entire time in a deep state of worry. Rather than preparing, we are discouraged from taking actions. We just sit back and wait for the big day where we will present ourselves and hope that things will work out just fine. What we forget is that throughout all this time that we were worrying could have been used to prepare, and maybe, just maybe, we would have done better. When the big day comes, we fail again, and we blame ourselves not knowing that we were constantly planning for our failure all along during this period.

Conquering fear is not an easy journey but can be done. The helpless feeling that we all feel and that paralyzes us into making any decision can be overcome. One must be willing to take the first step into this journey. 

Guided meditation is crucial when it comes to conquering your fears. It is a meditation technique that involves meditation of one or more participants who meditate in response to a tutor, a teacher, a written text, or a pre-recorded voice. It is important to note that research has been done on this type of meditation and has shown tremendous results in self-development realm. We are going to focus on guided meditation for overcoming fear.

Here are the steps one should take in this journey: 

  • Identify Your Fear –This is the most important step. One needs to know what his/her biggest setback is and embark on a journey to destroy it. It involves a careful examination of oneself to determine our weaknesses and our fears. Once these fears are identified, one is supposed to note them down.
  • Find A Comfortable Place For Meditation – We need a good place where we can practice meditation. It should be interruption free, clean, and able to provide comfort during this process.
  • Get A Pre-Recorded Guided Meditation – A simple YouTube search of guided meditation for conquering fear will hit multiple pages. To identify the right type of audio that will suit you, look at people’s comments which will act as reviews of the pre-recorded guided meditation. Once you find the audio, it is recommended that you practice meditation in the environment identified in step number two.
  • Relax And Meditate – The next step is using the audio and meditating by using it.
  • Repeat The Process – The guided meditation for conquering fear is a journey. One should dedicate time in this journey, and therefore, we should repeat this process daily for better results.
  • Document Your Progress Over Time – This involves recording any changes that one may start experiencing. One should keep a proper journal of this process and how helpful it has been. We should also be able to evaluate ourselves and find out if we still have the fears. Once we are comfortable that we have conquered our fear, we can now decide to stop the process since we have achieved our goal.

The simple process described above should be a starting point to the guided meditation journey. It is one of the most fulfilling journeys which has tremendous health benefits. One will be able to handle his/her emotional state better. It helps in depression and anxiety, and it has also been very beneficial to memory.

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