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Yoga for Weight Loss: Important Factors When Shedding Pounds

1 May

Yoga for Weight Loss: Important Factors When Shedding Pounds

There are a number of things going on in your body, actually, that is a terrible understatement. Your body is very complex, and there are many different chemical processes that are running all the time. This is why statements like “calories in versus calories out” are not really taken seriously in practice, as it is too much of an oversimplification. When it comes to losing weight, both the mind and the body must be willing and ready for a change. Yoga can help you deal with all aspects of your weight loss journey.

Your Body During Weight Loss

It is true that you lose weight when you eat less than you burn. The calories that you burn are going towards keeping you alive and any activity you do. Yoga is activity, and it does add to your calorie burn when you practice. The amount of calories burned in a session of yoga is going to be dependent on a number of factors including how intense your practice is, how much you currently weigh, and what type of yoga you practice.

A new type of yoga has emerged recently that is designed to provide a higher calorie burn. This is called power yoga, and it takes its start from Kundalini techniques. It provides more movement, which causes the experience to be closer to an aerobic exercise than what is normally expected from a yoga class.

Your Mind During Weight Loss

The mind is a powerful tool, your greatest asset, and occasionally a backstabbing enemy. This is true during any kind of change, and weight loss is included in this. The changes required in your lifestyle to successfully lose weight are going to be very hard on your mind. Yoga can be used to help you through it by giving you the mindfulness you require.

Yoga practice brings you in tune with your body in a way that many people have never experienced before. This mindfulness can help you really get behind wanting to lose weight, which makes your mind a powerful ally in the battle of the bulge. The other aspect is mindful people are going to be able to see positive change sooner. Noticing how your body feels when it is fed good and nutritious food will help you stick with lasting diet changes. You can also work with your body to better understand your natural hunger cues; this leads to a more organic weight stabilization over time.

Weight loss is a long journey, and it can occasionally seem very much like a war. For successful weight loss, your entire lifestyle needs to shift. Yoga certainly can play a large role in achieving your weight loss goals. Like most of yoga’s benefits, there is an aspect catering to the body, and one catering to the mind. Yoga can provide exercise which increases your body’s calorie requirements, which makes weight loss occur. It also helps you find a healthy headspace, allowing you to use your mind as a tool to reach your goals.

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